Flying Predatory Insect Attack!


Spoiler alert: That insect in the featured image meets a bitter end.

I was camping in New Mexico in the Manzano mountains on my way up to Utah, and found the campsite to have plenty of interesting insect life around. I was attempting to get a photo of this specimen (queen Camponotus?) as it walked around, but it eventually took flight. This may have been a bad choice.


It was not a very fast flier, and I hoped to capture a photograph of it in mid-air, when another flying insect swooped in and snatched it, carrying it off to a pine branch. They were pretty high up and I was only able to get this photo by holding the camera at arm’s length and blindly shooting, hoping to get something clear enough to identify what was going on. Is that a robber fly? The head is partially obscured by pine needles, but it resembles some of the example species of the Asilidae family.


James Marchment

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