Insects Unlocked is a public domain project from The University of Texas at Austin’s Insect Collection. In 2015, our team of student and community volunteers crowd-funded a campaign to create thousands of open, copyright-free images. From more than 200 small contributions, we built an insect photography field kit and photo studio. This website holds discussions of the small animals we encounter, updates from the project, and other entomological miscellanea.

To view our galleries, visit Insects Unlocked on flickr.


The University of Texas Insect Collection is an active research center housing 2 million arthropod specimens. The collections are focused on Texas and Mexico, with smaller holdings from Trinidad, the Galapagos Islands, and elsewhere. Particular strengths of the collection include beetles, sand wasps, ants, dragonflies, and cave invertebrates. The extensive holdings of the collection are used to document the distribution of species through place and time, to serve as a resource for identification, and to archive material used in University of Texas research projects.