The smallest element in the universe around us is not a pixel (dot), but a vector (line).

1 line = 1 dimension. The laws of physics prevailing in the 1 dimensional world are different from the four dimensional laws in which we live.

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There is uncertainty. More details please learn string theory & M theory, who knows you can be the next Einstein / hawking because can find Theory of Everything……..

The limitations between the natural dimensions we live in with the outer dimensions turn out to be around us, it is a very small line of vectors.

In the field of computer graphics, vector is the boundary element between the virtual world (software / program) and the real world (hardware / monitor).

In vector-based editing software, image formats are the hardware coordinate lines (monitors).

The world in computers is a 3 dimensional world (length, width, time), while our world is a 4 dimensional world (length, width, height, time)

We in the real world can easily mock “time” in the world of computers, all videos, songs can be rewind or fast forward. Even the windows can be restored to the previous time.

So it is natural that there is a hypothesis of scientists who claim that, we will be easy to play time to stop, forward or backward if we are out of this dimension, or are in the 5th dimension.

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