After in rural areas of Pakistan and a key

After my
graduation in 2003, I was hired as community teacher in a six-month project at
village Dera Muslim. I was shocked to see the lack of awareness about personal
health and hygiene among mothers and children. Although it was not a well-paid
job I thought it as an excellent way of giving back what I learned from my
degree, I conducted classroom sessions and practical demonstration twice a week
at local schools and trained 338 children during the period of six months. This
professional experience enabled me to closely observe the personal health and
hygiene habits in rural areas of Pakistan and a key deficiency I noticed in
healthcare programming in the country is minimal meaningful involvement of the
community as a volunteer. This experience was an eye-opener for me. First
eye-opener towards critical deficiencies in health sector particularly clean
drinking water in Pakistan. I strongly feel that I have a role to play much to
contribute towards this area. My first voluntary work was in 2006. For six months
I volunteered as community teachers and health educationist in a Lahore
city-based NGO. I conducted basic health hygiene lessons including basic
principles of hand hygiene and health benefits of safe drinking water for
street children at four identified school of the NGO. Initially, we face some
resistance from the parents and guardians of the children but with the passage
of time, we gained acceptance. It was a rewarding experience, after six months
I was hired as health educationist for two years until August 2008. As my
husband was an officer in Pakistan Air Force, he got posted to Karachi. In
2009, we again moved to Islamabad and started my MS in Environmental Science.
When in 2013 we were posted to Karachi again, I volunteered for Incharge
Special School Masroor Base, Karachi. This experience showed
me——————————— In 2015 again I volunteered to be a
coordinator of Special School Lahore Base and Mujahida Montessori which is for
underprivileged children.


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