Among countries and living in US, to socialize and

Among the many national holidays like Christmas and Easter,
Halloween stands out as the most interesting and entertaining one. Cultural
significance aside, the recent modern blend and creativity boost has raised
Halloween to a level unparalleled in its history.

Halloween is encouraged by the modern blends of the
society. Gathering the community for a celebration not specific to any group
does wonders. Through social practices like parties and trick or treating,
because Halloween is a recreational event, it urges people to connect and come
closer, as family, friends or strangers. Since it is an event about evil souls
retuning back to living, it also inculcates patience, sharing and tolerance by
generating compassionate interaction between adults and children. It provides a
very good opportunity for people who are from other countries and living in US,
to socialize and make new friends as there are many Halloween parties where
people invite their friends. In this way, it becomes a social event where
people can bridge the gaps between them and get to know each other. It is an
event of spreading joy and fun and taking a break from busy routine.

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Another reason to call Halloween, the best holiday is its creativity
and the joy not reserved for any age group. While the participation of senior
citizens is mostly limited to decorations and handing out candies, adults and
teens dress up and party, where children spend the evening foraging their neighborhood
for candy. People from all age group participate in it. People try to wear
different dresses in parties which is a good urge for creativity. Everyone
tries to look different and start preparing for Halloween days before. People
also try different ideas and themes for their parties to make the event
memorable. This makes this event to stand out among other events.

All in all, Halloween is one celebration that does not
involve lounging around in inactivity but is all about being creative,
friendly, generous and outgoing, which makes it more appealing to me than any
other holiday. It is the best because it combines creativity with
socialization. The only even that brings so many aspects to one event


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