Book meaning back this Title is that in the

Book Report

BOOK REPORT ON Old school( Diary of a Wimy Kid)
BY Szamboti Sergiu Robert

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The author of the book that I am reading is Jeff Kinney. He was born on 19 February in 1971. Today he is 46 years old. He brought up in Fort Washington , Maryland , Untied states. He has an older brother and sister, but he has a younger brother too. He has a lot of talents, not just writing books. He is a cartoonist, a producer and game designer. He has a beautiful family that consists of his wife and two children, both of them are boys. His wife name is Julie Kinney and the name of the two boys is, Will and Grant Kinney.

The Old School was published in November 3th in 2015

This book is a realistic fiction story, because all of the adventures Greg has could be real.

The title of the book is “old school”, and I think the meaning back this Title is that in the old days the didn’t use theology like we are using it today. I think like this, because in the book the main character are fighting with his dad and mom, about how the world was much better without technology and how children was playing outside.

The book mainly took place in two settings. The beginning of the story was mostly at Greags house. The middle and end of the story were at Hardscrabble Farm. Hardscrabble farm was the place where Greg went for a week on a school trip. The only reason he decided to do this was that he wanted to avoid his father.

When does the story take place and how do you know that? Is the story set in the present, past or future and how do you know that? Can you say something about how much time elapses from the start to the end of your book?

The story take place in our time, I know that because they use a lot of technology from our time. And the story is set in the past, because the main characters in this story tells the different actions in a way that has already happened.

Yes, it started in September and ended In October. But the book does not provide a clear overview of what date you are in. The book only shows which day of the week the story is in.

The story start when Greg`s mom tried to take all the electronics away from the town. Instead of being on the phone, his mother thought to bring the whole city to clean the whole park. Without Technology.
When we came to the middle part Greg and his best friend Rowley tried to build a lemonade stand, but when they came from the store they got surprised. Instead of limes they got lemons, and that was a big problem because people which passes by did not like limes.
At the end of this story Greg goes to a camp whit his dad. They find a cabin where this cabin has fresh water and food, instead of dirty water and no food like what they have. They also had a clean bathroom instead of pee or poop outside. They had extra towels, so when they used bathroom they could be clean. The book ends when finally Greg and his father find the way home.

The story start more with a description, because Greg is talking about how they old people are always talking about the “good old days”

It’s an open ending because on the way out, from this forest a bus was coming with a whole new crop of kids. Then he quickly scribbled a message to warn them that they were in danger. The next thing I think it’s happened, it’s that Greg and his dad are going to tell the whole family about this trip.

There are seven characters which is included in the story. Greg Hefley, Frank Heffley, The heffleys Pig, Manny Heffley, Rodrick Heffley, Susan Heffley,

Greg heffley: He is very lazy, egotistical, and selfish
Frank Heffley: argumentative, a good father, emotional
The Heffleys Pig: He is smart, good in sports, little and cute
Manny Heffley: He thinks that he is a prince, sellfish, and he is a bit smart
Rodrick Heffley: he wants to sleep all day long, extremely lazy, and he is not so smart.
Susan Heffley: She loves her children, and a caring mother, she embarrasses Greg a lot.

No, there is not someone I do not like. Everyone is cool in his own way.

Yes, I like this book, because it’s a funny book and a good book to read once you get into it. The things I dislike is the families relationship and how they are with each other, and how Greag are taking stupid choices without his family.

I think the best part is when the boys was locked in the cabin and had to sneak out to the girls cabin just to get deodorant. I think this is the best part because, it was very interesting how they goanna make it.

I do recommend to all my friends, because it’s a very funny book and the story and the movie its also good. The thing I learned from this book is that, you can do a lot of things that’s funny without technology.


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