Brazil this event, as many lack formal titles, making

Brazil is a great example of a growing tourism industry. It
has one of the world’s fastest growing economies a big part thanks to tourism.

It often times leads to changes in religious rituals, festivals and traditional
ethnic rites to conform to tourist expectations. Tribes of indigenous people
are often forced to conform or put on shows for tourists which oftentimes
violate their personal beliefs and freedoms. It also displaced people from
their homes and sacred land due to hotels being built or a tourist attraction
being created. Since tourism is such a strong economic boost, everything else
is often overlooked attempting to pull in tourists. The indigenous groups are particularly
affected by this event, as many lack formal titles, making them more vulnerable
to displacement and loss of access to land. Sadly these people are also
subjected to discrimination by confirming locals and tourists both. If they
aren’t being displaced for new building projects, they are often used as a
tourist attraction. There are very few benefits of having this type of tourism,
as the indigenous people oftentimes get nothing.

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*section about tourism’s effects on the culture of Hoi An


Ecotourism is rapidly becoming more popular among tourists
all across the world. The Great Barrier Reef just off of the Australian coast
is the world’s largest coral reef containing massive amounts of biodiversity.

The reef is a major selling point on a vacation to Australia, but sadly tourism
combined with climate change is  slowly
killing the reef. With the reef’s fragile corals broken by reef walking,
dropped anchors or by boats dropping fuel and other sorts of pollution. Even
the number of people in the water with the associated run-off of sweat and
sunscreen have a negative impact on the fragile reef environment. The region
has over 2.4 million visitors per year, adding to the problem. The Australian
government can’t shutdown the trips to the reef, it would completely destroy
the economy of Australia and the locals.


Puerto Rico, a US owned territory is an ecotourism success


Tourism is a major economic boost that comes with a cost.

Overall it is a necessity for any nation to thrive, but at a point where
moderation is in effect. The local environment can not be destroyed, local
businesses cannot be destroyed and local cultures cannot be destroyed for
monetary gain for tourism to be a success.




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