Dogs mean your dog is sick, but if it

Dogs noses are wet because….        Did you know that unlike humans who sweat, dogs don’t sweat. Dogs don’t have sweat glands so they shed through their nose, and a little through their paws. When a dog’s nose is wet it’s body temperature is going down. Dogs noses are also wet because when they smell something outside, they produce a thin layer of mucous to help them smell it, after they absorb the smell, they then lick their nose which picks up the scent and make its nose even more wet. Another reason their nose is wet is because they are simply born that way so it is naturally going to always be wet.How come dogs only sweat a little?        Dogs don’t sweat a ton because like I said it comes out through their nose, and also on a human you can see sweat, on dogs their fur soaks it up. They also rarely sweat because they pant a lot which taking lots of quick breaths, which makes them not sweat as much.An Overly Wet Nose?      An overly wet nose is when your dog has a really wet nose. This could be caused when you come home from work and your dog has a wet nose because they are excited to see you. But if it is happening randomly this could get infected or lead to your dog having cancer. Also don’t panic this could just be natural for your dog to have a really wet nose. If it is really wet just touch it , and if it is cold and really wet that could mean your dog is sick, but if it is room temperature and really wet then that is normal. A Dry Nose      Did you know that your dogs noses can be dry, some dogs have a more natural dry nose than other dogs. also if they don’t lick their nose as much it could be more dry. Your dog’s nose could be dry when they wake up because they don’t lick it when they are asleep. Another reason that your dogs nose could be dry is because they could get a sunburn and then it turns dry. Now you know why your dog’s nose is wet.


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