Essentials can create a best student.•Arts & Culture This

Essentials  Educational Institues Require To Shape The Youth Of Today!The future of the nation is in the hands of youth .Young and creative minds of the youngsters are to be guided in a very proper way. And no sooner can these minds turn out and contribute in the betterment and progress of the nation.An individual can be shaped brilliantly only under efficient guidance. This guidance can be provided and can reach out to all youngminds through some extraordinary educational organisations.      Any educational institue shouldn’t only emphasise on book knowledge but also it’s practical implementation in our day-to-day life. And that’s what this article throws vivid focus on . Certain necessities are required to be  inhabited by the educational institutions like schools, colleges etcThe requirements that are needed are listed below :-• Activities to improve students self-concepts    Activities that can enhance the leadership skills  & qualities of one. And projects that involves with the process  of team work. How a team works and how you being a team member should maintain your realation with your peer membersAll these are useful to the students in their further career growth. Their communication skills are also improved by practicing these activities frequently in schools or colleges . And thus this can build the student’s confidence & he/she can speak fluently with no hesitation.•Sports & Physical ActivitiesSports are a must in any educational organisation as it increases the student’s concentration levels and also mantains a proper metabolism in student’s body.  Students are to be encouraged to participate in all kinds of games .Due to this they attain a keen focus on their passion & dreams.• Proficient Teachers    Teacher plays one key role in every student’s life .They are the ones  who mould the students and make them help to think out of the box . They are the ones who bring the students out of their comfort zone and make them realise to adapt to any environment.     Discipline and life ethics are taught by the teachers in schools starting from the earliest age of our lives. And hence  Best teacher can create a best student.•Arts & Culture    This department  is installed only in  few organisations and not in all. But it’s recommended that all Institues intake even this genre . Practice of any art invokes the creatives side of the students .Cultural activities like Music , dance ,theatre etc and coming to artistic stuff like painting, floral designing, cooking etc can also be implemented in institutes.This keeps the excitement in students to come to schools.•Defense   Some of the defensive acts like karate , judo, kungfu etc are to be introduced to the students which can help them to resist to any attacks on them .•Practical Labs    All the theory explained to the students should be experimentally explained to them. Because anything that is seen with eyes stays with you for most of the time . There is a Chinese saying thatI hear, I forgetI see, I rememberAnd if I practice, I do.   By following & practicing these activities students are not only getting educated but they are also prepared for the life . LIFE is unpredictable and is one rollercoaster ride .We must be mentally and physically prepared to face it .    The main motive of educational organisation must be to concentrate more on developing the personality of the students and providing them all kinds of knowledge .    Once students are thoroughly skilled in the above named activities they become unstoppable and they gain a hope and a belief that they are capable of doing any thing .  It is the duty and mere responsibility of every student to contribute to develop the mankind and his environment. He must use his education and educational experience to help to build the better world to live in. And all these shall be taught to the students in their respective educational institues.This education should be provided to all irrespective of their cast , Creed & religion because Educated Nation is a prosperous nation indeed .


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