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Office stationery is not something that every business owner considers an essential business decision. Surely, it needs careful thought and planning. However, it is very important, because it not only

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First, at some point you feel that everyone who you have ever known is dead. How do you feel? Does anyone come? Or maybe it is the emptiness of remembering

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Do you really know Cleopatra? Who was Cleopatra? Cleopatra ruled with something called the Ptolemaic dynasty. She also ruled with many different people over the years she was alive. You

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In Getting Past No, Author gave a strategy for negotiating with stubborn opponent. They said that there are ways of dealing with uncooperative behaviour. Author in “Getting to Yes” told that

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Step 1- Selection of Query Image & Reference Image  Step 2- Get pixel data in Bitmap format  • Lock the bits of image into rectangle  • Set pixel format =

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What if your town was submerged underwater and the whole town was ordered to pack up and leave without any warning, or plans for the future? How would you and

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The IAEC approval will be obtained to conduct the study. It is an animal study using Swiss albino male mice. The mice from Central Animal House, PIMS will be used

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While, unconventional in light of the extensive efforts that have been directed towards the development of drugs capable of restoring the function of tumor suppressing proteins (in the hope that

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Food security as described by the FAO is when individuals have access to nutritious food which is always safe and sufficient. Food security is essential as 805 million people around


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