Global environment but it helps the economy from the

Global warming is an important issue in America today and one of the costs of global warming is carbon from the greenhouses and plastic that we use and that affect the health of individuals. According to ( global warming is responsible for the deaths of 300,000 people from stroke, lacks clean air and more. It connects to the Constitution because American government had the power to establish a law that can benefit both of the people and the government by putting a tax on the carbons that the big company use. “Clean Air Act/1963 – The Clean Air Act is a federal law designed to control air pollution on a national level. It requires the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop and enforce regulations to protect the general public from exposure to airborne contaminants that are known to be hazardous to human health.” -( This argument connects to the individual right and common good because Government should make a law about the carbon tax not only it helps the environment but it helps the economy from the tax that they make from having a carbon tax. Another reason to support my position about the global warming is one of the reasons why we have floods. It connects to the constitution because flood can kill people and can destroy the buildings that the government built In it says that “Rising temperatures have likely contributed to an increase in extreme rainfall events. As Earth’s climate warms, the air is able to hold more water vapor, allowing for more intense downpours that can lead to flooding”.(, 2017).  This shows that if we have a carbon tax we people will reduce the use of the material that produces carbon and company who used a lot of carbon can help the government by paying the taxes from the carbon that they used and having less carbon can make the health of the people better. Lastly, people were getting sick from the global warming. In it says that “Blooms of one kind of “red tide” algae—which create ocean dead zones—may be more frequent as the world warms, especially in North America’s Puget Sound region (map), according to Stephanie Moore of NOAA’s West Coast Center for Oceans and Human Health.”( This shows that people were getting sick from the global warming. If we prevent the global warming by making a law about carbon tax we can reduce the uses coals and plastics and that we can be reduced the people for getting sick that can decrease the expenses that the government put on our health insurance. Some people might say that the reducement of use of coals can cost jobs and can affect the electricity that we’re using right now. In it says that “in 2015, 33.2% of U.S. electricity came from coal— roughly equal to natural gas (32.7%), but greater than nuclear power (20%) or renewable energy sources (13%).”(, 2017). This shows that less than half of our electricity comes from the coals and if we reduced them we can have an electricity shortage that can have a bad impact for the people who depends on coils electricity. In conclusion, fixing global warming will be hard because for decades we mostly depend on uses of coals that cost global warming. But if we individuals can reduce our use of coals, plastic, and CO2, we might able to fix it. I hope people can adapt the use of alternative electricity and government can make a law that restricts the use of coals or anything that can cost global warming


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