HAY reach the level 7 in the first few

HAY DAY CHEATS HACK NO SURVEY – UNLIMITED DIAMOND 2016 latestFriends if you are looking for unlimited diamond and unlimited Gold Coin for Hay Day, then you have come to right website. we have the pleasure to introduce the latest working Tool “Hay Day Cheats Hack No Survey” . You will get unlimited Diamond, which will enable you to get a maximum boost to get ahead of all player. Let the game begin with latest Hay Day Cheats No Survey – Unlimited Diamond 2016 latest.What is Hay Day game?Hay Day is Freemium mobile game which can be played in iOS and Android smartphone. Hay Day mobile game was developed by Supercell. Hay Day released there IOS version on June 21, 2012 and Android version on November 20, 2013. Hay Day is developed my Supercell Company, who have developed top game for the industry such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale.According to ibtimes.co.uk Supercell Earns $30 Million a Month from Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Supercell Company headquarters is situated in Helsinki, Finland which has 132 employees working day and night to bring best game in the industry.IS Hay Day game free?Yes, Hay Day is free mobile game, but there is a catch, it is called Freemium mobile game. Freemium games according to Wikipedia.org are those types of games which are provided free of charge, but money (premium) is charge for the proprietary features, functionality or virtual goods. In easy language, it has in-app purchase which will help you advance in the game.Hay Day iOS Specification (iPhone & iPad)• Application name : Hay Day• Application version : v 1.28.143• Application version updated: March 15, 2016• Application size : 78.9 MB• Application Required iOS: 5.1.1 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)• Application developed by: SupercellHay Day Android Apk Specification• Application name : Hay Day Apk• Application version : v 1.28.143• Application version updated: March 11, 2016• Application size : 74 MB• Application Required Android: 4.0.3 and up• Application developed by: SupercellHay Day Game ReviewI have played many game based on the Farm series be it online or offline. I have started playing the game with the same notion of “Yet another Farm Game”, and quickly reach the level 7 in the first few hours. What surprises me was the fact that I have spent so much time on this game without feeling bored. Then I released the potential of the online game. This game is Best. Farm .Ever as proudly presented by supercell and I must say they have succeed in creating a mystic Farm environment around the player. You will be bowled by the beautiful graphics and gameplay provided in the game.Hay Day Cheats No SurveyWelcome to Hay Day, your super time killer, you will love your farm animals to produce more food, to get more resource to sell them in the roadside Shop and other Shops. Everything you do in the game is real fun and you will keep on playing the game without stopping. This is the most popular game in normal category (for all age groups) and most trending application in 122 countries.You can safely give this game to your children for playing. Just take a break from all those killing and bloodshed and enjoy the game with your family. This summer learn to lay the land, tend your crops, trade goods with neighbors and friends. Sell your farm resource like egg, milk, bacon etc.HAY DAY CHEATS HACK NO SURVEY – UNLIMITED DIAMONDWe have tested various tools and found out that all were fake software, if some tools work; they were detected within 7 days by supercell. For this entire problem we have come up with the solution of online Diamond and coin generator. This tool will work 100% all the time, for everyone convenience, we are giving you our email ids also. If this tool fails to populate Diamond or Gold coin in your account, you can promptly give us email and give your message on the page itself.Hay Day Cheats free diamondsIf you are avid player of Hay Day, you will notice that the biggest challenging task of the game is to keep on achieving levels. If you have money you can do the in-app purchase for Diamond and Gold coin. But this also have some restriction, up to what level you will spend your money to get Diamond and Gold coins. 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