How and cornbread and the dish is said to

How did you spend the New
year’s day? In Japan, we usually eat tosikosisoba,
osech and ozone. Then we visit to
shrine to wish New Year’s health, happiness. It is called hatumoude In Japan. Do Japan and other countries have different culture
of the New Year? Therefore I researched about how people in the world spend
their New Year.

I want to introduce foods which are eaten the New Year from every country in
the world. Chris Lane notes that in Spain, as
the bell strikes 12 times to midnight, people should eat a grape each time it
rings and the custom is thought to bring the celebrant prosperity and good
fortune in the coming year, and some people believe it also wards off evil
spirits (“8 Strange New Year’s Traditions From Around the
World”86). And Hoppin’ John is a
traditional New Year’s food in the American South. Amanda Kludt wrote that it
is a dish of pork-flavored field peas or black-eyed peas are symbolizing coins
and rice, frequently served with collards or other cooked greens and cornbread
and the dish is said to bring good luck in the new year (“They eat what? New Year’s food traditions around the world”12). Both of them eat foods that brings good luck.

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I want to introduce events around the world which celebrate the New Year like hatumoude in Japan. ” In Denmark, broken glass is meant to bring good luck.
which is why people
smash their broken or unused china and
drop it onto a friend’s front step, to bring them good fortune in the new year”
(Joanna Fantozzi 67). In Scotland New Year’s Hogmanay fire festivals is held.
Before midnight a parade of trained professionals swing balls of fire over
their head and then throw them into the sea.

Mizuta 2

notes that the tradition dates
back over 100 years, and many people
believe it’s based on a pre-Christian ritual meant to purify and ward off
evil spirits (“How people celebrate New
Year’s Eve in 20 countries around the world” 11). I surprise broken
glass is thought bring luck because it is seems bad luck for me.

I understand that it is different how to
spend the New Year in the world. I want to spend New Year’s Day in Spain
because I like grapes. There are many different cultures each countries but
everyone wishes New Year’s health, happiness. 


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