In I will identify the movement and the purpose

In Art Major 2, we’ve learned several different topics such as Fauvism, Expressionism, De Stijl, and Surrealism. Each one of these different types of modern art has a different background on how they’ve been discovered and created. In a brief essay, I will identify the movement and the purpose of Expressionism. In my opinion hearing the word expressionism, I think of¬†expression, as for expressing your thoughts or ideas through an art piece.According to Dictionary.Com expressionism means “an artistic style that departs from the conventions of realism and naturalism and seems to convey inner experience by distorting rather than directly representing natural images.”. In the 1850s, the term ‘expressionism’ was first used to describe an artists emotions from a painting. Well-known artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, and James Ensor were the roots of Expressionism. These three artists in between 1885-1900 created their own personal style of art, they’ve used distortion of form and the use of strong colors to express emotions such as anxiety and yearnings. This type of modern movement was founded by a German group, Die Bruke, that Ernst Ludwig Kirchner had led in the 1900s. In my opinion, I think the purpose of Expressionism is to have an artist express their emotion towards society or themselves. Expressionism is an amazing work of art using your own thoughts. A few artists affiliated with this movement would be Edvard Munch, Franz Marc, Vincent Van Gogh, and many more. In my opinion, I think ‘Agony (The death struggle)’ painted by Egon Schiele, was a very strong painting which several meanings.When I first saw his artwork I thought of how he corresponded his colors, how there are two men across a floor and how the artist made it abstract adds more detail to his work. I believe the purpose of his artwork was most likely to have other artists understand that everyone will face death one day.


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