In the mechanism of COX inhibitors to packaging science-

In my country, Bangladesh, there is a stereotypical conception that if a student doesn’t accomplish his undergraduate degree from a renowned government university, he is incompetent. But I always begged to differ and rather believed that if a person is genuinely meritorious and diligent, he will flourish in every aspect of life and this perception is what transmuted my life. I have completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honors) from one of the best private universities of Bangladesh, “University of Asia Pacific” with the highest CGPA (3.99 out of 4.00). I have not only completed my Bachelor’s degree with full tuition waiver but have also been honored with several awards for my tremendous academic performance. Now, I yearn to build up my career as a pharmaceutical scientist and pursuing a Ph.D. degree will be the staircase to my dream.

My aspiration of becoming a researcher inflamed when I have chosen pharmaceutical sciences as my course of study. Back then I used to believe that paracetamol is just a medicine that alleviates fever but never thought it through that it takes a pharmacist so much more- from the mechanism of COX inhibitors to packaging science- to manufacture a single piece of tablet. Every course, whether it is pharmaceutics or pharmacology, is interlinked with each other which ultimately heeded me toward exploring and learning more. Since that day, I realized my passion towards my dream and so I have never seized to offer my best at everything, along with any given platform that provided me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge in terms of the pharmaceutical field.

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Although I scrutinized all the existing knowledge on the wide array of pharmaceutical disciplines during my undergraduate days, it was inadequate to learn a specific focus of my interest with great profundity. Among 74 courses in my undergraduate curriculum, pharmacology was the first subject that made me realize the worth of studying pharmacy and what it means to be a pharmaceutical scientist. I sought to study further to gain comprehensible insight into pharmacology. Recognition of potential drug targets and novel treatments for diseases that still lack effectual treatments will be my objective as a researcher. I desired to involve in original research that contributes to the innovation of effective treatment for cancer, lung and cardiovascular diseases, obesity and many more. Admission to the Ph.D. program will be not only my approach to be trained in high-end research skills but will also prepare me to conquer difficult tasks that will come to my research career. The inspiration and desire both come from the fact that pharmaceutical jobs in Bangladesh are generic-industry oriented, which basically means that we neither have any scope for research that embraces the diverse focuses of pharmacology nor do we have any pharmaceutical scientist who can guide our pharmaceutical sector in this research field. After completing my Ph.D. degree, I will step forward and create a research team where together the students and the trainees will work and aid in superior healthcare of my country. But if I ever get chance in someplace else as well, I would willingly take the opening to make a difference in whichever way I can.

To gather advanced understandings in my preferred research area, I enrolled in the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Technology and have successfully completed my post-graduation from University of Asia Pacific with CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00. For my graduate thesis work, I investigated the role of SMAD1 polymorphisms as a genetic modifier of risk for individuals with Colorectal Cancer as susceptible genotypes in the Bangladeshi population. For my research, I used different molecular techniques like DNA Extraction and Quantification, Polymerase Chain Reaction, and Electrophoresis. Now, I am writing my manuscript for publication in a journal about a high impact factor like “Tumor Biology”. Although the purpose of my Master’s degree was to gain depth knowledge and research experience in the field of pharmaceutics and pharmacogenomics, short duration, and fewer curriculum were insufficient to explore the other focuses of pharmacology which ultimately heeded me toward chasing a Ph.D. degree.

I want to be a part of the Ph.D. Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences at North Dakota State University, since it will provide me the lively intellectual environment and rich facilities for an extensive variety of research approaches. I am confident that your university will guide me towards my vision and mission in the same way it leads their thousands of former students to accomplish their dreams. My highest priority to select North Dakota State University’s School of Pharmacy as my graduate school because it offers highly published and cited faculty who conduct world-class research projects. After going through the faculty directory and their research interests, I discovered that each research project is propitious whether it is on the identification of novel targets for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases or human lung diseases, therefore I am confident to both render and learn a lot from them. I also realized that the students and faculties are contributing as authors on high-impact; peer-reviewed publications and I am just as longing to be like them. I also went through the courses and found a few courses similar to my M.S. curriculum which makes me all the more confident to excel in my desired field. After thorough observations of the program, I think that your graduate program is the best fit for me.

The overall goal of receiving a Ph.D. degree would excessively aid me in my proficiency, thoughts and innovative ideas as a research scientist both in the field of academy and industry. I have the greatest passion for learning and I can prove to be one of the bests if I am given an opportunity to express my potential.


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