#include { if (isb == temp->isbn) { cout <div class="post-info"> <i class="fas fa-calendar-alt"></i><span class="entry-date"><a href="https://insectsunlocked.org/2019/09/14/">September 14, 2019<span class="screen-reader-text">September 14, 2019</span></a></span><span>|</span> <i class="far fa-user"></i><span class="entry-author"><a href="https://insectsunlocked.org/author/admin/">admin<span class="screen-reader-text">admin</span></a></span><span>|</span> <i class="fa fa-comments" aria-hidden="true"></i><span class="entry-comments">0 Comment </span> </div> <div class="entry-content"> <p>#include <iostream>#include <string>#include <fstream>using namespace std;class book{    public:    string author;    string publisher;    string title;    int year;    string isbn;    book* next;    book(string, string, string, int, string, book*);};book::book(string tempTitle, string tempAuthor, string tempPublisher, int tempYear, string tempIsbn, book* tempNext){    title=tempTitle;    author=tempAuthor;    publisher=tempPublisher;    year=tempYear;    isbn=tempIsbn;    next=tempNext;}typedef book* bookPtr;void getline(istream &stream, string &str, char delimiter){    char temp500;    stream.get(temp, 500, delimiter);    stream.ignore(500, delimiter);    str = temp;}void getline(istream &stream, int &num, char delimiter){    int temp;    stream >> temp;    stream.ignore(500, delimiter);    num= temp;}void insert (bookPtr &root);void delTitle(bookPtr &root);void readFile(bookPtr &root);bookPtr locateNode(bookPtr temp, string titl);void delIsbn(bookPtr &root);bookPtr locateNodeIsbn(bookPtr temp, string isb);void printAuthor(bookPtr temp);void searchIsbn(bookPtr temp);void saveFile(bookPtr temp);void printList(bookPtr temp);int countNodes(bookPtr temp);void readFile(bookPtr &root){    int numBooks, yea;    string titl, aut, pub, isb;    ifstream infile (“books.txt”, ios::in);    infile >> numBooks;    infile.ignore(500,’<br /> ‘);    for (int count = 0; count < numBooks; count++)    {        getline(infile, titl, ' ');        getline(infile, aut, ' ');        getline(infile, pub, ' ');        getline(infile,yea, ' ');        getline(infile, isb, ' ');        root = new book (titl, aut, pub, yea, isb, root);    }}void insert (bookPtr &root){    string titl, aut, pub, isb;    int yea;    cout<<"Title: ";    cin.ignore(500,' ');    getline(cin, titl, ' ');    cout<<"Author: ";    getline(cin, aut, ' ');    cout<<"Publisher: ";    getline(cin,pub, ' ');    cout<<"Year: ";    getline(cin,yea, ' ');    cout<<"ISBN: ";    getline(cin, isb, ' ');    root = new book (titl, aut, pub, yea, isb, root);}void delTitle(bookPtr &root){    string titl;    cout << "Book Title: ";    cin.ignore(500,' ');    getline(cin, titl, ' ');    bookPtr p = locateNode(root, titl);    if (p == NULL)        cout << " Deletion cannot be done. ";    else if (root == p)        root = p->next;    else    {        bookPtr q = root;        while (q->next != p)            q = q->next;        q->next = p->next;    }    delete p;}bookPtr locateNode(bookPtr temp, string titl){    while (temp != NULL)    {        if (temp->title == titl)        {            return temp;        }        temp=temp->next;    }    return NULL;}void delIsbn(bookPtr &root){    string isb;    cout<<"Book ISBN: ";    cin.ignore(500,' ');    getline(cin, isb, ' ');    bookPtr p = locateNodeIsbn(root, isb);    if (p == NULL)        cout << " Deletion cannot be done. ";    else if (root == p)        root = p->next;    else    {        bookPtr q = root;        while (q->next != p)            q = q->next;        q->next = p->next;    }    delete p;}bookPtr locateNodeIsbn(bookPtr temp, string isb){    while (temp != NULL)    {        if (temp->isbn == isb)        {            return temp;        }        temp = temp->next;    }    return NULL;}void searchIsbn(bookPtr temp){    string isb;    cout << "Book ISBN: ";    cin.ignore(500,' ');    getline(cin, isb, ' ');    while (temp != NULL)    {        if (isb == temp->isbn)        {            cout<<temp->title << endl;            cout<<temp->author << endl;            cout<<temp->publisher << endl;            cout<<temp->year << endl;            cout<<temp->isbn << " ";        }        temp=temp->next;    }    cout<<endl;}void printList(bookPtr temp){    while (temp != NULL)    {        cout<<temp->title << endl;        cout<<temp->author << endl;        cout<<temp->publisher << endl;        cout<<temp->year << endl;        cout<<temp->isbn << " ";        temp=temp->next;    }    cout << " ";}void printAuthor(bookPtr temp){    string aut;    cout << "Author name: ";    cin.ignore(500,' ');    getline(cin, aut, ' ');    while (temp != NULL)    {        if (temp->author == aut)        {            cout<<temp->title << endl;            cout<<temp->author << endl;            cout<<temp->publisher << endl;            cout<<temp->year << endl;            cout<<temp->isbn << endl;        }        temp=temp->next;    }    cout<<endl;}void saveFile(bookPtr temp){    int count = countNodes(temp);    ofstream outFile("saved.txt",ios::out);    outFile << count << endl;    while (temp != NULL)    {        outFile<<temp->title << endl;        outFile<<temp->author << endl;        outFile<<temp->publisher << endl;        outFile<<temp->year << endl;        outFile<<temp->isbn << endl;        temp=temp->next;    }    cout<<endl;}int countNodes(bookPtr temp){    int countB = 0;    while (temp != NULL)    {        countB++;        temp = temp->next;    }    return countB;}int main(){    int choice;    bookPtr root = NULL;    readFile(root);    do    {        cout<<" PROJECT ON (L M S) ";        cout<<" MENU Choose your likely option !"<<endl;        cout<<"(1) Add book to the library directory"<<endl;        cout<<"(2) Delete book according to Title"<<endl;        cout<<"(3) Delete book related to Isbn"<<endl;        cout<<"(4) Search any book through Isbn."<<endl;        cout<<"(5) List out all the books."<<endl;        cout<<"(6) List all books by an author."<<endl;        cout<<"(7) Quit."<<endl;        cout<<"Enter your likely choice which you want to select from top menu ";        cin>>choice;        if (1 <= choice && choice <= 6)        {            switch (choice)            {            case 1:                insert(root);                break;            case 2:                delTitle(root);                break;            case 3:                delIsbn(root);                break;            case 4:                searchIsbn(root);                break;            case 5:                printList(root);                break;            case 6:                printAuthor(root);                break;            default:                cout<<"Invalid selection so enter again. ";                break;            }        }    }    while (choice!=7);      saveFile(root);    return 0;}</p> <div class='yarpp-related'> <h3>Related posts:</h3><ol> <li><a href="https://insectsunlocked.org/freshwater-model-for-more-complex-processes-of-trophic-interactions/" rel="bookmark" title="Freshwater model for more complex processes of trophic interactions">Freshwater model for more complex processes of trophic interactions </a></li> <li><a href="https://insectsunlocked.org/mississippi-waterway-developments-towards-those-soutane-furthermore-then-afterward/" rel="bookmark" title="Mississippi. waterway developments towards those soutane Furthermore then afterward">Mississippi. waterway developments towards those soutane Furthermore then afterward </a></li> <li><a href="https://insectsunlocked.org/cp5603-like-md5-and-sha-1-md5-is-a-popular/" rel="bookmark" title="CP5603 like MD5 and SHA-1. MD5 is a popular">CP5603 like MD5 and SHA-1. 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