It relationship with families, guardians and childcare centre staff

should be observed that though there are some disadvantages to OFSTED as a
whole there are also benefits. The OFSTED inspections help pin point any
weaknesses or errors that a childcare environment may have, they help to bring
these weaknesses to the light, weaknesses that may have been previously
neglected and need to become the main priority in that environment. Therefore,
allowing these childcare centres and environments room to improve and further
improve the environment that they provide for these young people and children.
For example, in an academy if the OFSTED inspection pointed out a few errors
and weaknesses in the academic environment one year and then five years later
the OFSTED inspection pointed out only one weakness in the academic environment
it provides the evidence that the academy worked hard to improve their
standards.  This is essentially what
OFSTED sets out to do, improve the environment of places which care for
children and young people.

it can be observed that OFSTED would have been the trigger in the family home,
it could only lead in disaster dependant on how the caregiver acts.
Essentially, the caregiver in the aforementioned example would need to remain
in a calm manner and not become distressed by a simple announcement.
Furthermore, it could be observed that OFSTED should make more of an effort to
build a relationship with families, guardians and childcare centre staff in
order to diminish the stigma attached to them. By doing this it could further
create a healthier and stable environment for looked after children and young
people to grow up in.

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would argue that there are some disadvantages to using OFSTED. One disadvantage
is that OFSTED can cause a lot of stress; the name OFSTED holds a lot of weight
and distress for some child care centres such as a foster home. OFSTED have the
stigma of reviewing a lot of centres and giving them bad reviews, which can
cause centres to go into panic mode to look for the faults in their entirety
prior to OFSTED finding these faults themselves. A stressed location where
children are involved is not ideal. Where children are concerned especially
looked after children and young people it should be a priority for their
journey to finding a stable home is not interrupted by stressful events
occurring. For example, in the case there are two young children who are living
on a short term basis away from home in a foster home, they were taken away
from their family home because there was a lot of physical and mental abuse.
This form of continuous abuse shaped them to become nervous individuals who
could possibly hold a lot of anxiety. A spontaneous OFSTED visit announcement
could distress the foster career who is in charge of these young children and
this stress could easily transfer on to these children who since they have been
taken into care have been improving in reducing their anxiety levels. The
OFSTED visit could essentially set them back in this progress.


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