Many alone, they helped respond to 103 different problems.

            Many children live in poverty and do not get the education that is necessary. It is thought if all the children get the proper education it will help end poverty. So, if this is the problem what is Save the Children doing to help. They focused on educating the youth.  They have educated millions of kids in just the last few years alone. While educating the youth they have also been working in other countries building schools and making it safe for kids to learn and get the education that they deserve.

            Save the Children also has a unit that responds to disasters. The team makes sure that the children get the nutrition and health care that they need. In 2014 alone, they helped respond to 103 different problems. This crew helped four million or more from natural disasters or diseases. Save the Children has also vowed to help children play, stay safe and learn.2

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            Save the Children also has a nutrition program.  They are mostly focused on new

Born children to make sure they get the needed nutrition.  Are determined to make better healthcare centers with workers that are trained to handle everything that they need. With the newborn program Save the Children is working on stopping death of children under the age of five that are preventable. They are trying to help newborns because most child deaths happen in developing countries. In foreign countries 7.6 million kids under five die. Most of these kid deaths are preventable if there was help from trained doctors.

            Save the Children has worked in over 120 different countries. With all these different places where they work they need to have a lot of different organizations. In total Save the Children has over 30 different organizations. In 2015 Save the Children helped reach 62.2 million children.

            Save the Children even works in Canada where they help indigenous children because in Canada they are one of the fastest growing populations. Out of all the indigenous people in the world Canada has about fifty percent of all the indigenous people in the world. Save the Children is mostly focused on them. In Canada out of all the indigenous children 40% pf them are living in poverty. This is not how children should have to survive Save the Children is here to stop that from happening. The people at Save the Children think that children should live up to their full potential.

            It is thought that a quarter to a third of children live in poverty. This happens when lots of kids are continually born into family’s that are already poor and cannot support a child. When children are born into poor families they usually never break out of it and cannot live successful lives. Save the Children know that this can be fixed by helping families stay successful with children. They try to help families live on their own by helping create farms so that they can get the food that is necessary. They also help protect families during a crisis when help is needed. Save the Children also helps families also get better income to support themselves. They also try to help keep villages alive by helping grow farms in the area to supply food.

            From helping all, these children Save the Children as set some goals that they would like to complete by 2030. By 2030 Save the children would like to end poverty for children so that they do not have to suffer through things like that. There first step to doing that is by giving them an education so they can learn what they need to be successful. They also want to make sure that no child dies from a preventable cause. Every year millions of children die from preventable causes and they think that should not be happening. These children all deserve to have a full life and not die from something a doctor could treat. they also have another goal set wich is to have all child’s right respected. In lots of countries child’s rights are not respected because everyone is trying to survive, and they think they are more important than the children. This is a big problem because it is happening to lots of children everywhere. Save the Children is trying hard to accomplish all of their goals in this time, but they also want to do more goals than just their own. They are also working on world goals from everywhere in the world because they want to help as much as possible.



            In the world there are over 160 million children who work. Even though work can be good a lot of this work is not safe for children. Save the Children believes that they should not have to do work that is dangerous for them because they are the new people on the planet and need to get better jobs that are not so harmful. They also want to educate them, so the children can be successful in a good job. With all the children working harmful jobs they can not stat healthy or learn what they need to be healthy.

            In 2012 Save the Children teamed up with MasterCard to start a program called Youth in Action. This program helps kids living in poverty learn skills and to think ahead about their future and what they will do. This program has reached out and helped over 40,000 children from different places.

            Now with all these problems children have that save the children is helping what can you do. There are several different things that you can do, the first thing that you can do is donate. Save the Children has lots of different ways that you can donate to them. You can donate money, but the way they do most donations is different. You can spend so much to send all kinds of different animals to families in need. You can send them animals like cows and even rabbit that they can sell to make money to support their families. Animals are not the only thing that you can donate if you spend so much money you can have kids get vaccines. You can also donate things that they need when they are in a survival situation where they need lifesaving supplies.

            There is even other thing that you can do if you donate a car it will be sold at auction and the money will be sent to the children. You can also donate time by going to help children and it will have some fundraising.

            Another important way that you can help the children is by becoming a lifeline. By becoming a lifeline, you donate 25$ dollars monthly to help a child that is in desperate need of help to survive. Most of the children that need this lifeline are in dangerous parts of the world. Other children that use it are children that are stuck in natural disasters. Lots of these children have no home and are starving. The lifeline is working to feed protect and offer shelter to these children. With this program the lifeline has helped thousands of children.

            If you are ever looking for the perfect kind of gift you can donate them a gift in their name. if you donate a gift this way it will send a card to the persons name you put in to show them what they donated. When they get this card, you can even say what you want it to say. You can also donate gifts in memory to someone that has passed away.

            Save the Children also has a charity challenge program where they have challenges like hiking and climbing. While doing these activities you are raising money for charity. If you want to enter any of these challenges or donate something you need to checkout the Save the Children website. On the website there is also other ways and other types of thing that you can do to donate to Save the Children.




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