My agree with the situation or belief, but by

     My results clearly state that I am closed
minded regarding race and sexuality.  Today’s
workplace is full of people from many different cultures, backgrounds, and
beliefs.  To succeed in making
professional decisions, you need to be open minded about ideas, behaviors, and
in certain personal areas of beliefs such as gender, race, religion, sexuality,
and so on.  When people do not keep an
open mind, the work environment can be destructive by biases and intolerance
which can lead to miscommunication and mistakes.  We need to remember one decision leads to
another, so it is one’s best ability to have a free and open mind when making
professional decisions on clear accurate observations.  Having diversity in the workplace brings strength
in decision making.  It requires the
desire to be open minded and non-judgmental about the values of differences.  The outcome of a decision can be very
crucial, so learning how to be open minded regarding your own personal beliefs
will help you strive to be a better person and decision maker at a professional
level.  It is always in a person’s best
interest to see things from a different perspective.  You might not always agree with the situation
or belief, but by being open minded, you are allowing progress to take place.  When it comes to working with others in a
professional setting, one should always remember not to judge a book by its
cover.  Take the classroom and classmates
as an example.  I have been placed in
groups where other’s input affects my grade. 
Being honest to myself, at first glance, I have thought to myself, this
person is going to drag me down, and I have been completely wrong.  This person turned out to be very inciteful
and conscientious.  That taught me to
never judge another solely on appearance. 
Stated further, in order to reach one’s full potential, a person must
check their bias at the door and view others open minded regardless of race,
religion, sex, etc. 


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