Non Marketing & sales Primary research ( first hand

Non food function

The non food department covers the clothing team. The costumers would expect the electrical and cloths area to be clean and tidy.

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Fresh food function

The fresh food function is meant to keep all of the food in date and replacing them if they are out of date. The purpose of the fresh food function is that all of the food is in date because people would not like to buy out of date food. Then customers visit the fresh counters the would expect every thing to be clean and tidy. Also when costumers visit the bakery they would expect that moats of the items that the bakery sell to have a lot of stock so they can not run out of stock. When costumers visit the restaurant the would expect all of the food that is meant to be hot and you need to keep all of the tables clean at all times.

Security function

The purpose of the security function is to keep every one safe in side Tesco and to stop theft. You need to keep the store secure by checking cameras and by and stopping any aggressive people coming in to the store.

Training function

Training function trains new staff to do different things in the store. People on the tills, security, food staff would need to train these staff.

Customer service

Is when people have complaints and they would like to share it to customer service to make things better

Stock controller

If a product is low in stock then the stock controller can  order more of that product in.


Are in charge of preparing accounts, paying wages and salaries to staff.

Marketing & sales

Primary research ( first hand research, e.g. asking the public). Secondary research (second hand research e.g. on the internet and done by somebody else)


Buying resources to produce goods or provide a service. Organising the resources to produce the goods or provide the service in the most appropriate way. Checking the quality. Dispatch finished goods to stores


mail handling, record keeping, document production, organising meetings, dealing with enquiries  etc.




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