People box and properly align it so it will

People who are searching for the solution
on how to make a bee
house can find the answer in this step by step guide. Making a bee house is quite a simple process. You need few materials
like wood, hardware equipment etc. You can find this material easily in your
hardware room. Before you start making the bee house, decide the place where
you will be placing it. It should be far away from the human habitat. Do not
keep the bee house on the pathway where generally people walk around.

you have decided the place to keep the bee house follow steps to make one.

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1) Take four same size wood ply to create a
wooden box. The wooden box will work as a storage container for the bee house.
Cut the wood in the equal dimension according to your requirement and screw
them tight to make the box size container. The size of the box should be 20cm
deep, 30cm high and 30cm wide to provide sufficient space for the bees. You can
make bigger box if you want. Add a roof to the box to move the rainwater down.

2) In the next step, you need to take the
wood stack and start drilling a hole in it. Keep drilling the medium size holes
to create the house for the bees. The bees will use these tunnels to nest.

Once you are done with the drilling, put the entire wood stack in the
container box and properly align it so it will not fall apart. Use the screws
to stick the wood stacks in the container if required. When you are done with
putting all the stacks in the container you can hang the container in its

4) The bee house should be placed in the
full sun. Make sure there is no vegetation in the front of the bee house. Keep
the place open to allow bees entering the house easily. See if it doesn’t swing
or move with the wind.

5) Now you are done. Keep the bee house at
the place for a few weeks and you will see some bees have started nesting in

How do I attract bees to my bee house?

1) You can plant a bee-friendly flower near
your bee house. The bees will get attracted to it and they will reach your bee
house quickly.

2) Plant herbs tree that attracts bees. In
your garden, you can grow some herbal plant. This will attract the bees to your
place. The mint plant, sage, rosemary, thyme bee balm are some of the types of
herbal plants that attract the bees.

3) Stop using any kind of pesticides near
your bee house. Bees can detect the odor of the chemicals used in the
pesticides far from the location. They will never come to the place where they
sense hazardous pesticides. so do not use such pesticides near your bee house.
Keep it in a natural habitat to attract bees.

How to make a mason bee house with straws?


You can make the mason bee house by using
paper straws. The process is similar to the wooden container bee house. Instead
of the wood stack, you will use paper straws to create a nest. Stack all the
paper straws in the container and keep it in the open place for bees to
discover it. Once discovered by bees, it will start using it for nesting.

There are many ways you can make the bee
house with different materials. The ultimate goal is to create a place where
bees can nest naturally. Now you know the process so start making it one for


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