Purchasing organization. Proper planning is needed in purchasing management

   Purchasing Management
in modern world is one of the basic process but most crucial area of any
organization. Proper planning is needed in purchasing management to avoid
suffering heavy losses to an organization. Supplier selection criteria,
analysis of purchasing costs and the implementation of information &
communication technologies are the main aspect of purchasing management and it
is necessary to look into the effectiveness of these 3 aspects.

   There is a need to
analyze the impact of supplier selection. Analyzing purchasing goals and cost
and to make use of the technologies to better improve the purchasing operations
for an organization.

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   When we wake up in
the morning, for most of us there is nothing like a cup of good old coffee to
warm up our soul and start our day right. Most of the Singaporeans have
accustomed themselves to the concept of Nayang old coffee where the old coffee
master as early as 1940s will roast their coffee beans at their backyard and
ground it for daily use at their coffeeshop. When we mention nayang old coffee
, we will think of Ya Kun as they are one of the first who offer good old
nayang style coffee.

   From its humble
beginnings as a modest coffee stall in the 1940s, the name of Ya Kun has become
synonymous with unparalleled kaya toast and irresistibly fragrant coffee and
tea. The characteristic about Yan Kun is you can enjoy every
cup of coffee which is brew using the traditional pot and sock in an
air-conditioned café at affordable prices. Today Ya Kun have over forty
outlets in Singapore, about half of which are franchised and over thirty
overseas outlets all franchised across seven countries. The main products for
Ya Kun Kaya Toast are nayang coffee, kaya toast and omega eggs.

   The main
competitors for Ya Kun Kaya Toast are Toast Box with over 70 outlets and
Killiney Kopitiam with over 40 outlets. Both of the competitors offer the same
products as Ya Kun besides offering some other local delicacies. Ya Kun
suppliers are mostly local to cater to the taste of the locals here. Ya Kun
Kaya Toast main goal is to establish themselves as a household name in
Singapore and Asia offering delectable kaya toast and good coffee.


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