The in the future, France was likely to declare

Hossbach memorandum comprises of minutes that were written by Colonel Hossbach.
The minutes document the proceedings of a meeting that was held on 5th November
1937 in the Reich Chancellery, Berlin Germany. Present at the meeting was Adolf
Hitler, powerful ministers in his cabinet such as Field Marshal von Blomberg,
the war minister, as well as military commanders.

            Upon reading the entire memorandum
carefully, it is clear that the meeting was never a plan for starting a war but
simply an assessment of the preventive measures that Germany, as a nation would
embrace in the event of future conflicts. According to the memorandum, Hitler
had intentions of making Germany the dominant power in central Europe. However,
he was aware that the objective would not be achieved easily. Hitler knew that
France and Britain were great rivals of Germany and any attempt by the nation
to assert economic domination was likely to result in war.  

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of the fact that his plan of establishing German hegemony was likely to encounter
opposition, Hitler summoned the conference so as to present his views on the
issue and establish ideal strategies that the nation should embrace in the
event that such attacks occur in the future. In the memorandum, Hitler alleges
that, in the future, France was likely to declare war on Germany. Hitler also
notes that Czechoslovakia was an ally of France and that, in the event of a
Franco-German war, it might also use the opportunity to attack Germany from the

my opinion, the Hossbach memorandum says nothing about Germany waging war on
other nations; on the contrary, it only talks about the necessary actions that
the nation will take in the event that they are attacked. For instance, Hitler
believed that any intervention by Russia would be countered by Japan.
Additionally, he had the assumption that Poland would not act for fear of


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