The Tertiary. Primary is the raw materials (extracted production)

The three different business sectors are Primary, Secondary
and Tertiary. Primary is the raw materials (extracted production) Secondary is
the manufacturing and assembly process and Tertiary is commercial services.
Examples of primary sectors include, farming, fishing and Oil extraction such
as BP, for Secondary there is shopping and automotive manufacture such as Tesco
and Jaguar Land Rover and for Tertiary there will be Car Sales and teaching or
education which again could be Jaguar Land Rover. This sector is known as the
service industry or sector.

BP – Is an
example of work in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, they extract
raw materials such as oil from under the ocean to be used in petrol stations
and then produce this in power stations to be used for power grids they also
transport it to petrol stations for people to use in their cars and it can be
used for tractors for farming which is another example of primary services as
well as in aeroplanes which is an example of Tertiary sectorCB1 .

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Jaguar Land Rover – This is a good example of
a secondary sector as cars are built and manufactured using resources sourced
from primary products, however this could also be an example of Tertiary as
once the cars are made or when they are designed they are advertised and commercialised.
They also offer apprenticeships which is education and another example of a
Tertiary sectorCB2 .


Education – As I cannot name a specific
school, education on the whole is the best example of a Tertiary sector as it
is the services sector. It provides a learning environment for the future of
people who would be going into the other two sections mentioned. They also
provide commercial services such as shopping and lawyers/ solicitorsCB3 .



Task 2

For each of
the companies below explain the organisational type and describe the key
features of that organisational type:

Morgan Cars:

Morgan cars
is the last remaining family owned, independent British motor manufacturer. Due
to this the organisational type of the company is flat. This is to do with the
structure of employees within the company. A flat organisational type means
that there aren’t many levels between the executives and the normal staff,
which is expected as it is family working together. These provides a good
strong relationship between these units and positions. People are treated more
equally rather than there being a divide. This chart is a good example of this
structure because there are no levels between the managers and staff.

Taken from:


Tata companies
include Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Power, Tata
Chemicals, Tata Global Beverages, Tata Teleservices, Titan, Tata Communications
and Indian Hotels. Tata has a fairly flat structure also as it understands the
importance of interaction between employees and management. The importance of
this to them is that they want employees to feel bound to the organisation.
They have also decided to follow the flat organisational structure as it
facilitates easy interaction between the different levels of employees within
the organisation.

Taken from:


Torotrak is a highly innovative, green automotive technology company. They are a public limited
company. This is where companies are limited by shares which are available to
the public on the stock exchange. If someone buys enough shares they may have a
stage in a company takeover. Torotrak business aim is to create technology for
green automotive, and they work with partners to incorporate products into
others, and then advertise them on the market.


Jaguar Land Rover:

Jaguar Land Rover is a highly respected automotive manufacturer.
They operate in a centralised organisational structure. They are a multinational
public limited company, this is where companies are limited by shares which are
available to the public on the stock exchange. If someone buys enough shares they
may have a stage in a company takeover. Also Jaguar Land Rover is a
multinational as it has facilities and other assets in at least one country other
than its home country. They have a revenue of 24.3 billion GBP (2016)
which is owned by Tata, the aim of this company is to produce luxurious car and
performance carsCB4 .

Taken from:

Task 3

For a new
engineering company, you are required to make up a name for this company. The
company makes wheel spacers.

Produce a flow chart identifying the key engineering activities required
from handling an initial enquiry to the point of delivering a product or
service and requesting payment for the spacers.                              CB5  Outline the
means of communication between activities Communication is important between the different stages in
the flowchart as it is allows you to make continuous improvements and to track
the work that you are doing to make sure it all plays out accordingly. The
different types of communication that may take place would include, face to
face conversations and meetings where progress and feedback could be discussed,
secondly phone calls, however these don’t allow you to get information across
as clearly. Next emails, these allow you to share updates and information that
you have found. These are also more immediate forms of contact rather than
waiting for a meeting. You can also use phone calls to talk to clients and
suppliers and this gives a more personal touch than an email would. Using these
different types of communication in reference to the flow chart, the initial
enquiry should happen as a meeting, this could take place either at the customers’
business or the customer could go to the manufacturing headquarters. However if
the customer is overseas then the manufacturer would send an employee to that
country as there is potential business opportunity. It’s important for the
customer to meet in person for the initial communication as this allows them to
determine the correct specification and design of the product. If the initial
communication is misunderstood then this can cause the manufacturer a lot of
problems when trying to produce the design. Next for the design stage
communication can be done over the phone or via email as designs can be sent
back and forth until a final decision is met. When the product meets the
specification, the information regarding the quality test results should be
emailed so the customer has evidence of the testing to provide with their
products. The customer can then confirm the manufacture over the phone for a
one off batch, when this batch is produced a sample can be transported to the
customer allowing the customer to evaluate the product produced and see if it meets
all the requirements. Any feedback on the products can be communicated over the
phone or by email so that changes can be made and the same process can be
repeated until the requirements are metCB6 .  Task 4 Using an
example preferably from your own company discuss how improvements in
information flow could enhance the functional activities of an engineering
company. Improvements in information flow can help improve efficiency
within companies such as Jaguar Land Rover as they can raise awareness of areas
where there are issues and make changes in these in order to improve them. By
doing this it will improve things such as speed which could increase the amount
of production and speed up how many cars come off the line per hour. An example
of improving information flow within my work area, FA2 Solihull, is that all
members of the maintenance team have radios so that jobs can be attended
quicker reducing the amount of downtime and sharing information on jobs quicker
and easier. This is also linked to the main office where control have access to
other sectors such as tech support and outside contractors so if these people
need to be called in it is easy to get hold of them asap. The radio system is
an improvement because it allows all maintenance staff on the clock to be
contacted when required, at all times. Another example of improvement within Jaguar Land Rover is
the information boards on each line which show the amount of cars that are
predicted to be made during the shift, the goal of amount of cars produced, and
the actual number of cars to be produced if they continue running how they are
at the current time. This is a benefit for prodcution leaders and anyone who
walks in the block as they will know the amount of cars currently produced and
the amount of cars that need to be made to achieve the goal for the day. The
final improvement is the breakdown board, this states every breakdown that
occurs on each shift and they are placed on each line. On the board the fault
is written, along with the time it started, who dealt with it from the
maintenance team and the action taken to resolve it. This is then typed up and
kept in a log in accordance with each shift and then allows reviews to take
place to see where issues are continuously going wrong so that these are
highlighted and improvements can be looked into. This is an improvement as
information can easily be analysed by all employees and can easily identify
where the problems are within the block or lineCB7 .Taken from:


Task 5

Using an example, explain the use
of a specific document used by your company and evaluate how effective it was
in communicating its aim. What modifications might be included to improve the
outcome, provide evidence to support each of your views?


Within Jaguar Land Rover they use a
behavioural review document. The aim of this document is to ensure all
employees/apprentices are working to their full potential, this is done by
having reviews with mangers and ITM’s every 12 weeks to ensure the employee is
working well in all aspects of work including personal responsibility and
resilience, effective communication and interpersonal skills, working
effectively in teams, focus on quality and problem solving, and continuous
development. These are the different subtitles that each apprentice is graded
against. This document is sent out to apprentices the week before their due
date and they are asked to grade themselves 1-5 using the scheme provided in
the document for each section and then explain in the box below each section
why they have awarded themselves those grades. Then when you go into your
review meeting you will be presented with this document and your ITM will go
through it comparing it to your section reviews and feedback from site and put
in the numbers they deem appropriate ending each area with a closing comment.
Without evidence that you have done something to achieve a grade 5 this number
will not be awarded. This is an effective review method as it encourages you to
keep doing work and working hard in order to keep your numbers up. It is also
sent to your managers at site so even if you have not been in there for a while
they can still see how you are progressing at college. These positive reviews
will also be seen by Jaguar Land Rover bosses so it is good to make yourself
stand out for all of the right reasons. These reviews also allow apprentices to
talk about different jobs that they may have done at site and extra training
that they have done such as confined spaces or working at height which is a
nice way to track the extra learning taking place.

If an
apprentice is to get bad grades however so anything 2 or below then this will
immediately be flagged by Jaguar Land Rover bosses and managers at site so that
they can see where you are struggling, if there are reasons for this then they
may also be informed of this especially if it is out of character for said
apprentice. This allows a plan to be put in place to help the apprentice pull
themselves back up and catch up any work they have fallen behind on. The
Behavioural Review process builds self-awareness and supports the development
of key behaviours required for the safe and effective operation of apprentices
in a work environment. A behavioural review document is effective as management
can look back at all of the employee’s reviews and from this a prediction of
performance can be formed. This will be useful at the end of the apprenticeship
when choosing who to take on full time as you want to look at their work ethic
and their ability to bounce back when they have had problems. By using the
behaviour review it provides a fair work environment as the review is not only
based upon one person’s opinion it is based on management, tutors, and ITM altogether
and shows how they work in the different environments. In order to improve this
document I would provide more boxes for feedback from site and other members of
staff each time you have a review so that it’s all in one place and can be
referred to. Another area of improvement to the behavioural review document
would be improving the development actions as I believe these actions could be
more practical development actions as currently they are theory based questions
to research. In
conclusion, I believe the behavioural review document is an effective method of
communication as it constantly reviews the employee which makes them constantly
work to their full potential, and by having targets the employee always has
something to aim at. It also raises any areas of concern and allows them to be
dealt with quickly but also subtlyCB8 .


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