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The Lord of the Flies (LOF) written by William Golding examines the fate of school-age children who are stranded on an island during wartime. The children become stranded after a plane crash in which the only adult, the pilot does not survive. As a result, the children are dependent upon each other for their survival. To survive someone must lead, but how will the leader be chosen? In the following paragraphs, the author will discuss similarities and differences between how the United States Government (USG) and Lord of Flies Government (LOFG) were established and both contingent upon leadership.The LOFG and USG both were subjected to wars. The USG’s Revolutionary War required the states to attempt to work together for survival despite distrust. According to the social studies text, ” After declaring independence in 1776, Congress had tried to unite the states under one national government. This proved to be a difficult task…They feared that such government would trample the very rights they were fighting to preserve.” (Teacher’s Curriculum Institute, 2005, p. 103). The LOFG was similar to the USG actions, as they too recognized they needed some formal authority to unite them. “Then we will have to look after ourselves.”… “That’s why Ralph made a meeting. So we can decide what to do.” (Golding, p. 21).Both the LOFG and USG recognized only one individual could lead. However, how the leader or chief is elected vastly differs.  The USG elects its leader via an electoral process. Specifically, “The Electoral College is made up of electors who cast votes to elect the president and vice president every four years.” (Teacher’s Curriculum Institute, 2005, p. 114). The electoral process was instituted to ensure qualified candidates were vetted and eventually elected. The LOFG election of the chief was very different and abstract. “This toy of voting was almost as pleasing as the conch. Jack started to protest, but the clamor changed from the general wish for a chief to an election by acclaim of Ralph himself.” (Golding, pg. 22). The passage from the LOF exemplifies that the election of the chief was not based on intelligence, leadership qualities and nor the will of the people.Next, the author will discuss the respective building blocks or foundations of each government. The USG’s foundation began with the Articles of Confederation. The purpose of the articles was to create “a firm league of friendship, in which each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence….It was run by Congress, in which each state had one vote.” (Teacher’s Curriculum Institute, 2005, p. 103).  The Articles of Confederation took time to develop, but were eventually thrown out which made way for the development of the Constitution. The LOFG foundation in comparison was weaker. As previously discussed, the election of the chief was not a true election, and the chief determined their societal norms, rules and essentially culture. In the LOF text, the following statement evidences this: “All this I meant to say. Now I’ve said it. You voted me for chief. Now you do what I say.” (Golding, pg. 81).In conclusion, the USG Constitution was established to protect the rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” (Teacher’s Curriculum Institute, 2005, p. 117). This is in stark contrast to the LOFG. The LOFG was rooted in anarchy and dictatorship that led the children to murder. The children were ill-equipped to handle the stressors of living on the island and essentially did the best they could. The irony is the attempt to murder another classmate via fire is what saved them all.


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