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To address a global issue in a local way involves raising awareness about the problem and showing the community that change is possible. The issue should be handled one step at a time, but if enough people are motivated to invoke change, then change will come. On a local level, citizens of Springfield, Missouri could recycle their waste, use a bike for transport rather than a car, and business owners of Springfield could support local farmers by using locally grown produce in their restaurants. As one can see, there are many small changes an individual can make, and also some things that businesses could do differently that lead to big changes. Together, we can make a difference.Leadership PhilosophyThe goal in leadership is to inspire a group of individuals to achieve something great. As a leader, one must be able to encourage and motivate their followers, in hopes of overcoming a challenge or making a change in the world to benefit all. It is essential that a leader can recognize that greatness lies within everyone, and it is only a matter of harnessing that energy to achieve extraordinary things.Effective LeadershipA leader is a role model, and as such, they should hold themselves up to a certain standard of principals. An example of some of the attributes I admire in a leader include integrity, humility, commitment, teamwork, and patience. All of these are necessary for someone to rise above the rest and lead a group of individuals.My Personal Skills and Strengths I am compassionate and committed. I try to inspire and motivate those around me to boost their confidence and help them believe that together we can achieve our goals. I know how to efficiently delegate tasks to those around me, and I understand how to maximize one’s potential by giving them a task that suits their skill set. I try to be flexible with change, but that is easier said than done, and sometimes I still struggle with accepting change. Additionally, I try to radiate positivity, because with negativity comes doubt. It is important to keep the mood up and spirits high. As a leader, I take complete responsibility of my achievements and failures, for I believe that one should always take the opportunity to learn from their past failures. As a change agent, I want to transform my local community of Springfield, Missouri. More specifically, I want to improve the lives of students at Drury University.Global IssueSustainable living attempts to reduce the use of Earth’s natural resources by changing lifestyle habits on an individual level. On a corporate scale sustainable production can be defined as the manufacturing of goods and services that minimize the abuse of our finite natural resources while also aiming to eliminate the production of waste. The overall goal is to ensure that human activities remain within the carrying capacity of the world (Responsible Consumption and Production 2016).How Does This Issue Relate to A United Nations Goal?This issue relates to the United Nations sustainability goal of “Responsible Consumption and Production” in which the United Nations hopes to achieve sustainable consumption and production patterns by the year 2030 (Ensuring Sustainable Consumption 2016). However, it also touches on topics such as: climate action; affordable and clean energy; industry, innovation, and infrastructure; clean water and sanitation; as well as sustainable cities and communities. These interconnected ideas prove how essential it is for us as a global community to put an end to harmful production practices. Instead, we need to promote environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, better waste management, and informed consumerism. Global ImpactArab Hoballah, who is the Chief of Sustainable Consumption and Production under UNEP, claims that “By 2050, the world population will reach 9.5 billion… To respond to these challenges within the carrying capacity of the Earth, the adoption of sustainable patterns for consumption and production is imperative, as it conserves the basis for future development” (2015).Globally, the United Nations wants to put an end to the degradation of the environment such as; the depletion of natural resources, the destruction of habitats, the extinction of wildlife, and pollution (Trott 2007). By eliminating these harmful practices, the United Nations will promote resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, and provide a better quality of life for all.Currently, private companies like the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) realize that a solution to the problem lies in their hands. According to the president of PMMI, “Increasing public awareness on environmental issues has resulted in a greater demand for sustainable packaging and processing operations.” Furthermore, he goes on to say that “Sustainability initiatives have progressed considerably as a result, thus increasing the use of recycled materials… and the growing demand for more energy-efficient machines” (2016). This proves that raising awareness can spark a flame within the community. If more people realize the dangers of their habits, then they will be more understanding and willing to make a difference. The key to putting an end to unsustainable production and consumption patterns lies in our ability to convince the public that there is a problem in the first place. After that point, change becomes easier to facilitate. Additionally, if a consumer is unwilling to buy a product because of its  dangerous effects on an ecosystem. As a result, global corporations will catch on and begin to create products that are environmentally friendly in order to keep their business profitable. Significance As residents of Earth, we should not want to deplete our natural resources, but rather we should be working to improve global environments and communities. If we promote sustainable practices such as reducing waste, reducing materials, and recycling then we can reverse some of the negative effects. We can lessen our carbon footprint and initiate new lifestyle habits to promote  a better world for everyone. It is important that we use products that have a minimal impact on the environment because future generations will also depend on these natural resources and we should do what we can to protect the planet.Action Plan for Involvement When referring back to the social change model, one may remember that it relies upon the assumption that leadership is a collaborative effort, and it should be looked at as a continuing process. Community involvement is an essential component in facilitating change in a society.  The action plan that I am proposing today will focus on the individual level, but then it will extend outwards to a global scale. Change begins with one person who wants to make a difference. In order to reduce the abuse of our finite natural resources, we must be willing to make some lifestyle adjustments. For example, small changes in an individual’s daily routine can have a ripple effect, and I will explain how in the following paragraphs.Addressing the Issue Locally On a local level, in the town of Springfield, Missouri, there is a farmer’s market. Citizens of the community could start buying fresh and organic produce from local farmers. Additionally, businesses could incorporate locally grown produce into their menus, which will provide a more authentic taste and better quality food for their customers. As a community, we can shift from industrial practices to more natural and environmentally friendly methods. On Drury’s campus, if we recycled more paper and plastic goods, and maybe even switched to turning in assignments electronically (on Moodle, for example), then we could substantially reduce our waste. In addition, if more people decided to walk or ride bikes instead of using a car for all transportation needs, then we could reduce our carbon emissions.Community Involvement Taken altogether, there are many ways for us, as a community, to make a difference and improve the quality of our environment. The first step is to raise awareness and get the word out. After that, it is a matter of keeping people motivated long enough for these small differences to become ingrained in their day-to-day life. It just takes small changes, but together they add up. Once consumers are aware of the harmful effects of unsustainable production practices, then businesses will be compelled to follow suit. In order to accommodate the demands and preferences of their consumers, businesses will change their packaging and manufacturing practices to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Gradually, this effect will then spread across the country and then around the world. Change must begin with one person, and then as more and more people begin to fall in step behind the initiator, then the social model of change will run its course.


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