Travelling 16″x12″ board is of perfect size to let

Travelling or commuting with young kids basis is a tough job for parents, especially the working ones who have traveled on daily basis to and from their offices, homes, kid’s school and crèches. Responding to the troubles of the parents, Monkeys and Bananas has released a portable and sturdy Car Seat Travel Tray on the market that is perfect for lap activity and eating purposes. Fulfilled by Amazon, it is already available at just $19.95 and with seller declaring to hold a limited stock of the product; parents are recommended to grab the offer.

No doubt, the multiple purpose tray will be an amazing travel companion for the tiny-tots who will get their separate own space on the spacious cars. The seller mentioned at the time of product release, “This top of the line organizer kids travel tray is perfect, practical and convenient for you and your children.” Made of hard EVA foam, the designer has crafted it with an extended thickness to accommodate every essential task of a child and give them enough room to work, eat or play.

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Being made with long-lasting and water-resistant polyester, it is light enough for the kids to hold on their lap and the 16″x12″ board is of perfect size to let them write, draw or play with their toys. The designer purposely makes the board into am educational lap tray by imprinting letters and cute images resembling them. It was thought worthwhile to keep children engaged in some learning session, who are in their early phase of learning.

Travelling with little ones will be much easier for busy parents and thanks to this modern car seat lap tray for that. They could feed their kids using the surface as a table and a deep, sturdy and spill-proof holder of cups will help them to keep their liquid drinks or milk bottles safely. 7 different sized pockets and two large side folders allow the safekeeping of all items of a child, from books, art copies, pencils, crayons to toys, candies, marbles, and crayons.

Apart from the this, the lap tray cover consists of a PVC tablet or iPad holder, so that a parent can play a video for their child and keep him or her occupied for some time in an otherwise boring journey.  Thus, kids would be really having a fun ride while traveling, as they can play, draw, have food, and even watch their favorite cartoons.  Offered with lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction of quality, the tray is a great buy for the parents who always find difficulties in carrying their little toddlers for time-consuming car journeys.



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